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Francesca Radcliffe's archive of aerial photographs of archaeology is unique and remarkable. She has been flying and photographing from small aircraft for almost 20 years. In that time she has taken more than 13,000 images of sites in Dorset (England), Puglia (Italy) and Jordan.

To get the highest possible resolution, Francesca has used film cameras. All the slides have been indexed and are available, of these, a number have been digitally scanned and can be seen on this site. In recent years she has also used digital cameras, with the majority of the photographs of Jordan in digital format.

The entire archive is available to publishers, researchers and enthusiasts at reasonable terms. Please look at the images on these pages - if you need a picture of a specific site, context or building, but do not see what you want, contact Francesca Radcliffe at


Images Copyright Francesca Radcliffe