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Francesca Radcliffe was born and brought up in Venice and settled in England in 1964 when she married Martin Radcliffe. After her children grew up and having always been interested in archaeolgy, she worked at the Museum of London in the early 80s and later gained a diploma in Archaeology from Bournemouth University, specialising in aerial archaeology. Francesca is now a well known member of this small and elite international group of fellow specialists.

Since 2000 she has participated in the Aerial Survey of Ancient Jordan started and organised by David Kennedy and Bob Bewley 10 years ago.

The result of her research on the life and work of John Bradford, one of the pioneers of the art and science of aerial archaeology, has recently been published in Italy by Claudio Grenzi Editore. The bilingual book edited by Francesca, "Paesaggi sepolti in Daunia, John Bradford e la ricerca archeologica dal cielo 1945/1957", includes a biography of John Bradford and the translations of his articles relating to Puglia for Antiquity. For reviews by Madeleine Hummler, see the latest issue of Antiquity at, and by Rog Palmer in the March News of Aerial Archaeology Research Group News at


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